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Qurban For The Ummah 2024

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Our Qurban Story

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“And they give the food they love to the poor, orphans & captives. Indeed, we give you food only to expect the love of God, we do not want the reward of you nor thanks.”  


[Surah Al-Insan, Ayaat 8]

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb !

On behalf of the earthquake victims and refugees, we would like to express our deepest appreciation for your interest to join us in this year's Qurban. Your kindness and generosity will have a significant impact on the lives of those who are facing immense challenges. It will provide critical support, such as food, and other essential supplies, to those affected and offer them comfort and relief during this difficult time, and help them on their path to recovery.

On behalf of the earthquake victims, refugees, and the organisations working tirelessly to provide relief, we extend our deepest gratitude to you for your kindness and generosity. For any enquiries regarding your Aqiqah, Nazar or Qurban this year, do drop us a message @ 9697 5911.

Our 6 years of Experience handling Aqiqah
& Qurban around the World 

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Most Critical

These regions, marked by conflict and natural disasters, house individuals and families who face unimaginable hardships every day. Your generosity will enable us to provide essential Qurban meat, directly to those who need it most.

Syrian Refugees

In the war-torn regions of Idlib, Al-Mafraq, and Hatay, Syrian refugees endure the harsh realities of displacement, living in crowded camps or makeshift shelters with limited access to basic necessities. Amidst this turmoil, Eidul Adha offers a moment of respite as the distribution of qurban meat brings joy and sustenance to their lives, fostering a sense of solidarity and hope amidst the ongoing conflict and insecurity.


Syrian Refugees


Al-Mafraq, Jordan


Hatay, Turkiye

Rohingya Refugees

In the heart of Maungdaw, Myanmar, and the expansive camps of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, the Rohingya refugees face profound challenges. Displaced from their homes by the myanmar government, they navigate life in overcrowded conditions with scarce access to essentials. Eidul Adha becomes a beacon of hope, where the distribution of qurban meat not only nourishes but also unites, weaving a thread of communal solidarity.





Yemen Refugees

Yemenis displaced by war find themselves in dire need of humanitarian assistance, facing threats not only from violence but also from the severe limitations on essential services. Eidul Adha emerges as a pivotal moment of communal bonding and relief, as qurban meat distributions offer both physical sustenance and a spiritual connection, reinforcing hope and unity within the community




Most in Need

This section is dedicated to directing support where it's critically required, ensuring that your Qurban donations meet the dire needs of communities grappling with unparalleled challenges. Your generosity can make a monumental difference.

Palestinian Refugees


 Stand as a testament to resilience in the face of blockade and conflict. Here, the urgency for aid is palpable, with basic necessities becoming luxuries. Your Qurban contribution provides not just food but a symbol of solidarity, offering a glimmer of hope in their fight for survival.

Most affordable

In our journey of compassion and giving, we understand the importance of ensuring reach for everyone. Our offerings extend to regions where your generosity can make a substantial impact without stretching your budget. 



Struggling with the aftermath of natural disasters and enduring poverty, Bihar stands in urgent need of support. Your affordable Qurban contribution here offers a lifeline to those in dire need, transforming your goodwill into tangible aid.


Makkah (Closed)

Despite its spiritual significance, Makkah is home to many who struggle silently amidst plenty. Your Qurban contribution here addresses the overlooked needs within this sacred city, offering support to those who serve the millions of pilgrims, yet find themselves in need.



In Togo, where economic hardships and health crises limit access to basic necessities, your Qurban contribution becomes a beacon of hope. An affordable donation here not only fulfills your religious obligations but also directly impacts the lives of those facing daily struggles.


Prefer to pay via Cash?
We provide Home Collection services at your convenience too!

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